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Online-Meeting "Get to know each other" (03.02.2022)

1. Transnational partnermeeting in the prison of Heinsberg (03.03.2022)

Faire for trainees in Erkelenz (12.05.2022)

2. Transnational partner meeting in Elba (05.09.2022-08.09.2022)

3. Transnational partner meeting in Innsbruck (26.02.2023 - 28.02.2023)

Faire for trainees in Erkelenz (11.05.2023)

4. Transnational partner meeting in Lisbon (13.09.2023-16.09.2023)

5. Transnational partner meeting in Venice (04.03.2024-06.03.2024)

"UVH Entrepreneurs' Day" on the European elections with Nathanael Liminski, Minister for Federal and European Affairs, International Affairs and Media and Head of the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia (25.04.2024)

Faire for trainees in Erkelenz (15.05.2024)

Training for staff in the correctional facilities and multiplier-events

13.10.2023                                                     Multiplier event in Vicenza/IT

21.12.2023                                                     Training in Rome/IT

multiple dates in 2023                               Trainings in Vicenza/IT

16.01.2024                                                     Multiplier event in Vicenza/IT

25.01.2024                                                     Training in Lisbon/IT

19.02.2024                                                     Training in Elba/IT

15.03.2024                                                     Multiplier event in Innsbruck/AT

27.03.2024                                                     Multiplier event in Tortosendo/PT

16.04.2024                                                     Multiplier event in Elba/IT

24.04.2024                                                     Multiplier event in Rome/IT