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Operational partners

Antigone onlus

Antigone, an association "for the rights and guarantees in the penitentiary system", promotes certain activities. In particular, these include elaborations, researches and debates on the model of criminal proceedings in Italy and its evolution; information on the penitentiary system with the National Observatory of the Penitentiary System and Prison Conditions, the elaboration of parliamentary bills and the definition of possible lines of amendment of pending laws; information and awareness campaigns on specific topics aimed at enriching the Italian juridical culture, also via the publication of the Antigone magazine.

Base- und Softballvereinigung Wassenberg 01 e.V. (BSV)

The BSV sports club is located in Wassenberg, Germany. It offers the sports baseball, softball and sports climbing and has about 100 club members. Within the project, it is responsible for the implementation of the project idea, for the support of the coordinating institution and for the cooperation with and involvement of the correctional facility JVA Heinsberg.

Club Life Long Learning (CLLL)

CLLL is an initiative in Innsbruck that has set itself the task of providing easy access to adult education for people who are educationally disadvantaged. A key focus of the work is the implementation of labor market policy projects in the Austrian region of Tyrol, which are carried out on behalf of the regional government or the Labor Market Service. Within the framework of the project, the organization is responsible for the moderation and implementation of the transnational partner meetings as well as for establishing contact with the Innsbruck Prison.

Linc societa' cooperative sociale a responsabilita' limitata O.N.L.U.S. (LINC)

The Linc Cooperative aims to re-employ disadvantaged people, such as those who resume work after an absence. Furthermore, it aims to integrate people who have never been able to work. Thus, by viewing work as part of a broader personal growth and socialization, the organization has always set work itself as its ultimate goal. Successful placement in the labor market allows clients to gain a share in prosperity, which is the ultimate goal for the Italian project partner.

Qualify Just - It solutions and consulting LDA

Qualify Just (IPS Innovative Prison Systems) is a research and consulting company specializing in the areas of justice, prisons, community sanctions and interventions, youth justice, and criminal justice. The company's management team draws on more than a decade and a half of experience in public policy consulting, strategic consulting, training, e-learning consulting, and information technology development for both probation and corrections systems. IPS develops integrated projects, supports change management in complex organizations, and develops and implements programs targeting prison staff, top management, and offenders.

Scuola Costruzioni Vicenza Andrea Palladio (SCVAP)

SCVAP is an Italian training center in the construction sector in Vicenza and was also involved in the predecessor project "Steps". The education center trains around 2,500 apprentices every year and is managed in equal parts by employee and employer representatives. The good access to the prison in Vicenza, to voluntary organizations, to its own member companies and to both full-time and voluntary organizational bodies is ideally suited for transferring the German partners' approach to its own region in an exemplary manner.

Talentbrücke GmbH & Co. KG

TALENTBRÜCKE GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne is a privately owned company that has been active in the area of transition from school to the first job/training/study since 2006. They successfully develop and market concepts for analyzing talent and opportunities, especially for this transition. Talentbrücke's activities are aimed at bringing students, young professionals and people in transition together with companies in a precisely fitting way. In doing so, they always work in a competency-oriented manner and use standardized procedures to determine competencies and develop talent profiles. In addition, Talentbrücke supports and coaches other players active in this field in the implementation of potential analysis concepts.


Westdeutscher Handwerkskammertag (WHKT)

Based in Düsseldorf, the WHKT has assumed the coordination and financial responsibility for the NEXT STEPS project. It has already participated in the predecessor project STEPS and therefore possesses good experience in the interaction between the labor market and convicted offenders. Employees of the German organization offer comprehensive competencies for the implementation of the project in the areas of project management and the design and programming of the databases. In addition, the WHKT has excellent access to craft enterprises and to the full-time and voluntary representatives of the chamber organizations in the crafts and skilled trades sector.


Strategic partners

JVA Heinsberg

JVA Heinsberg

The Heinsberg correctional facility is a closed and open prison with around 566 places. In detail, it is responsible for the execution of the following sentences for males between the ages of 14 and 24 years:

  • juvenile sentences, custodial sentences (§ 114 JGG)
  • detention pending trial, extradition and transit detention, as well as civil detention
  • enforcement plans of certain judicial districts (local jurisdiction).


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